Safety Policy

Helijet’s Safety Policy applies to everyone in our Company and includes all areas and aspects of the Company’s operations.

It is our Company’s continued objective to prevent injury to customers or employees associated with any Helijet places of business and facilities; eliminate damage to equipment and property and to prevent all incidents and accidents – by developing work processes that will identify, reduce, and ultimately eliminate safety hazards, incidents and accidents.

Within Helijet’s Safety Policy, it is our Company’s intention to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding safety in the workplace. All personnel who are employed at Helijet are responsible to be familiar with applicable laws and regulations within their area of responsibility and to collaborate on developing systems and processes for ensuring compliance.

Helijet’s Accountable Executive and Management oversee the standard of safety within Helijet, providing strategic support, while promoting safety development. Responsibility for developing, administering and maintaining oversight processes for the Company’s Safety Management System is delegated to the Director of Flight Operations & Safety and Director of Human Resources. This includes responsibility and authority to provide direction in establishing safety programs in compliance with Transport Canada and the Canada Labour Code; more specifically: internal safety reporting, investigation, risk assessment, emergency response, safety awareness initiatives, and audit programs.

Responsibility for implementing our Safety Management System rests with the Director of Flight Operations & Safety, Director of Human Resources and respective Management, who all have direct communication and responsibility to the President/CEO in all matters of safety. Responsibility for participating in the Company’s Safety Management System rests with all employees at Helijet. The President/CEO, namely the Accountable Executive accepts overall responsibility for safety at Helijet.

Personnel in all areas are required to take preventative safety action, and are encouraged to report accidents, incidents or safety hazards in accordance with the Company’s reporting procedures. Helijet supports and will exercise a non-punitive environment for individuals who are intending to prevent an injury or accident or are reporting any accident, incident or hazard.

Above all other factors, safety is to be considered in all Company risk management processes.

All Employees and Management are expected and required to adopt the standards and procedures set forth in the existing and ongoing development of the Company’s Safety Management System. Non-compliance of adhering to safety procedures and processes will not be tolerated.

Safety is a corporate value within this Company, and we believe in providing our employees and customers with a safe and healthy working environment.


Issued March 23, 2015 by Accountable Executive

Daniel Sitnam; President & Chief Executive Officer, Helijet

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